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Monday, January 04, 2010

About Blogads

If you look to the left column, you will see a small gray box that says "advertise on this blog." Look down the page and you'll see that Google Ads are gone. I'm trying something new: Blogads. In order to recoup some of my time on this blog, advertising seems like a decent way to go (and Adsense isn't getting it done). Moreover, in about two weeks, the federal grant that has paid my salary for the past five years comes to an end and I join the ranks of the unemployed--and I have to figure a way to avoid resorting to Pabst.

Note to Readers
Like Google's Adsense, Blogads have an important virtue. I won't be selling the space--anyone can go buy a week, and I won't know until it appears. I won't be selling ads and I won't be doing any kind of quid pro quo. You might see a Budweiser ad, for all I know. (I do have the option of rejecting an ad I find inappropriate or offensive.) On the politics side of things, I know that Blogads are often sold to people advertising for the opposite team, so for example, you might see an ad for Sarah Palin's book on a liberal site. This often enrages the readers, but it's actually a very good thing. By removing myself from the ad side, I maintain the same relationship to breweries I've always had. The advertisers (should there be any--and I hope there are!) will be Blogad's clients, not mine.

Note to Potential Advertisers
I do hope you consider advertising on the site. My traffic's not amazing, but I do have a perfectly-targeted audience of beer geeks. Trying to raise your brewery's profile, promoting new releases or events--this is a good site to find eyes interested in that info. I have no idea what a competitive price is, so I'm starting it out at $15 a week, which doesn't seem bad. The price of three pints (or a couple six-packs) is all it will set you back.

That is all.


  1. I've had mixed results with AdSense on my blog. I was close once to pulling them off but then I finally hit the threshold for getting a check from them. It takes a lot of traffic to get anything decent from AdSense.

    I've been told it's better to call up the companies that appear on your AdSense and ask them to advertise directly on your site. You could offer them a better deal than they are getting through Google I believe.

    I've also just started using Chitika Premium Ads on my site. They only show up to people coming from search sites and can be run alongside AdSense ads.

    As Gary Vaynerchuk would say - go out and hustle to get advertisers. The ad sharing company revenues will always be nothing more than a trickle.

  2. I am unemployed as of today. I hear you on the ad thing.