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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Imbibe Mag on Don Younger

So often when a magazine does a profile on a prominent figure, it's a rehash of the well-known biography (and often, apocryphal matter). Imbibe hits the high notes in this profile of Don Younger, but they go deeper, too. Younger's a conservative? A Mad Man? True:
The honor [of being the namesake of Younger's Special Bitter] goes to William, his late brother, who pulled Younger out of a corporate marketing job and into the bar business a generation ago.

Corporate? Marketing job? It’s tough to imagine. In addition to his hippie-meets-blue-collar long hair and beard, Younger is perennially clad in jeans and a T-shirt. More important, as even friends will admit, he’s kind of a crazy coot. But it was only after an ill-conceived transplant to Los Angeles (when his employer relocated its headquarters) that Younger’s brother persuaded him to give it up for the bar business. “I was really a rising star, but I couldn’t live down there, driving an hour each way to and from work,” he recalls.
Definitely worth a read.


  1. What's your thoughts on Imbibe's current article on up and coming Beer Meccas?

    Reno, Austin, Atlanta, Portland-Maine, Minneapolis-St. Paul are listed as up and coming Beer Meccas.

    Perusing through some of the ale houses web sites, I noted their draught and bottles lists are quite extensive with huge selections of domestic craft and foreign beers available. Many are quit impressive and many would be a much welcomed addition to our own beer mecca.

    Draught house - Austin
    Brick Store Pub - Atlanta
    Great Lost Bear - Portland, Maine
    Happy Gnome - Minneapolis

    These pubs appear to have tap lists that are exemplary. Dare I say, beyond some of our locals.

  2. @BB, the Draught House is awesome. It was my local brewpub when I lived in Austin -- meaning I had to bicycle two miles to it. They have about 50 guest taps on top of their house brews. Great atmosphere, indoors or out.

    Does it go "beyond some of our locals"? Who cares? There are great pubs in Portland and great pubs in Austin and other places. I'm glad we don't all have the same ones.

  3. BB, I've never been to Austin or Atlanta, and only briefly to Minneapolis. Reno not for many years. But Portland, Maine is a great beer city. I wouldn't call it up-and-coming, though. It's well-established, in my mind. Small town, but great beer culture.

  4. Years ago when I started bartending I was working the day shift at a particular nameless bar and my only customer all day was Don Younger. He just sat there chatting it up with me all day throwing down YSBs. I learned a lot about the bar business that day and had the good sense to listen more than speak. And to ask all the right questions...

  5. Imbibe must have been sitting on this article for over a year:

    "...waves his hands as he talks, lit cigarette perched between two fingers..."

    I lived stumbling distance from the Horse Brass for over 5 years, but moved across the river a few years back. Since the smoking ban went into effect I have been there more times that I went the whole time I lived over there. Much needed change.