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Thursday, June 30, 2011

!$#&% Blogger

Right now you should be reading the first in my series of pub crawl recommendations, but last night, Google's Blogger, always a buggy system, ate it. All of it. Gone, vanished into the ether. I spent OVER AN HOUR on it last night (quite long for a blog post) and so it will take some time to reconstruct. As we are nearing the holiday weekend, I'll probably delay it. But if you would be so kind as to curse Blogger for me in one of your free moments, I would be obliged.


  1. I quit with blogger 2 weeks after starting my blog. Get yourself on wordpress!


  2. +1 for wordpress. As for 1 hour spent on a blog post, I must be totally doing it wrong because most of mine take probably 2-3 hours each.

  3. Wordpress in my eyes is garbage and not really any better. If there was a good viable option other than both Wordpress, and Blogger.. I would hop on it with the quickness. But really there isn't unless you want to script your own custom page. I might do that with PHP of something in the future.