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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Brief Meta Interlude

Oregon Craft Beer Month starts in a couple days, and since a lot of people will be visiting the state and looking for a good pint, I plan to do a series of pub crawl posts. This idea didn't entirely originate from me, and herein lies the meta part of our post. As you are no doubt unaware, Portland is host to the second annual beer blogger's conference in August. While this will be of only passing--very passing--interest to you (and rightly so), it has had a small effect on the ever-growing corps of beer bloggers in this fair city. We have hatched a plan to unite in a more formal version of my jokey United Brotherhood of Beer Bloggers, Local 503--we're calling it the more prosaic "Portland Beer Bloggers"--in part to help make the conference fun for all. Unsurprisingly, the subject of beer crawls came up, and following that, my scheme to do some posting on it myself.

Anyway, we're not off the ground yet, but we do have a twitter feed. You'll know when we do get off the ground because, like and earthquake rumbling down the Cascadia Fault, we will shake the world.*

*Hyperbole, in case anyone missed it.

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