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Thursday, June 09, 2011

Where Hops Don't Belong

Just in time for Father's Day, two seemingly misguided products.

1. Hop Candy
Father’s Day is not gleefully anticipated by chocolatiers, except, perhaps, by a company called Beercandy. The owner, Steve Casselman, a brewer in Santa Clara, Calif., began experimenting with beer-based candy more than 10 years ago with lollipops.... He also makes Hop Drops, flavored with the oil of American Cascade hops for a citric flavor. His latest treat is beer-flavored taffy.

2. Hop Cheese
[C]elebrates the Rogue Creamery’s 75th Anniversary (1935-2010) and will be paired at SAVOR with Rogue Farms Freedom Cheddar cheese, a cow’s milk cheddar cheese hand-mixed with Freedom hops from the Chatoe Rogue Micro Hopyard in Oregon’s Wigrich Appellation. Whole hop leaves are de-stemmed by hand, steeped in hot water, mixed into the curds and eventually pressed into blocks.

(Aren't cheesy hops a bad thing?)


  1. Add to that list Beer Soap and Beer Chips.

    Apparently, if you can make it, someone will make it and then add beer!

  2. Don't know about cheese with the hops mixed in but Hereford Hop cheese, where the hops form a crust on the outside, is excellent.

    And I've had Guinness-flavoured toffees, which are also very fine.