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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Kill Me Now: Latest Update on the Beer Bible

Just spoke to my editor at Workman and learned that they're now thinking a Spring 2015 release for the Beer Bible.  For those of you scoring at home, that's two years after I turned in the (admittedly elephantine) manuscript.  But I know no one's scoring at home since you've all long forgotten about it. 

Okay, who's in the mood for a nice cider?


Stan Hieronymus said...

Don't they know about the bubble?

Better get that book out before people quit caring about beer.

Sarah said...

The one year lag for my book between manuscript and publication was torture. Two sounds really horrible. No wonder you've moved on to cider.

Pete Dunlop said...

That's pretty funny. I know the delay is killing you. I feel your pain...although I really shouldn't since my book was published so quickly.

Hot damn...hand me a cider.

Anonymous said...

beer is already so passé.

Anonymous said...

Better get cracking on The Cider Bible! In hindsight would you self-publish?

Jeff Alworth said...


As much as it pains me to wait, there are tons and tons of advantages to real publishers. For one--advances! But beyond that, you have professional editors, layout people, photographers, and publicists. Who knows, they might even send me on a book tour (eventually). All of which will make the book better than I could ever do on my own--and will give it a chance to find a broad audience. Workman is an independent publisher and by all accounts they really work hard to make their books a success. So I'll gripe and bear it...

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