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Monday, July 14, 2008


This is sort of a call-out to the guys from Belmont Station to enlighten us about which beers will be pouring for Puckerfest (which starts today). The website offers what looks like an impressionistic list rather than an actual lineup: Cantillon, Verhaeghe , Liefmans, BJs Portland, New Belgium, Dogfish Head, Six Rivers, Double Mountain, Cascade, Roots, Walking Man, Full Sail...

Anytime you have a chance to try Cantillon or Liefmans on tap, you shouldn't miss it. Even more rare is the opportunity to try these beers alongside the nouveau Belgians brewed here in the New World? Look out Brussels or not yet ready for prime time--you be the judge.

So what's up, Belmont Stationers? What's on tap?

As an FYI, I'm busily working on a preview of the Portland International Beerfest, so look for that, probably in segments, this week. As always, you absolutely shouldn't miss it. So clear a day....

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  1. Here you go Jeff!