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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Three Creeks Opens in Sisters

If Portland is Beervana,* then is the greater Bend area Little Beervana? With the new McBrothers, Bend Brewing, Cascade Lakes, and Deschutes, it was already well-breweried for such a modest population. Not well-breweried enough, it seems. Via Foyston, I see that Three Creeks is up and brewing--and earlier than expected:

We just finished construction of our old west livery stable to house our operations, with a comfortable, warm and rustic atmosphere that everyone will enjoy. The 6000 square foot facility provides a full restaurant, 10 barrel brewing system, an expansive yet comfortable bar area complete with large-screen TVs and two pool tables, and an outdoor patio for the enjoyment of our hand crafted ales.

At Three Creeks, we utilize only the finest ingredients available for all of our food and brewing activities, while striving to impress even the most sensitive of palates. Our menu of excellent yet casual and unpretentious pub food is served in a family friendly, smoke free environment that all patrons will enjoy....

Today on tap: Knotty Blonde,Old Prospector Pale, and 8 Second IBA. No, that's not a typo. Our brewer has created an India Black Ale by taking what was a big IPA, blending in some roasted malt and adding almost 2 pounds of hops per barrel to give this HUGE beer it's rich dark color.

You may know more about this beer than you think, too: the head brewer is Dave Fleming, formerly of the Lucky Lab. I don't have an address yet, but perhaps someone in Central Oregon (Jon?) can track that down.


  1. I'm trying to head there this weekend and all I could find was a now deleted Craigslist post with this address:

    721 Desperado Court Sisters, Oregon 97759

    I hope it's right because there is where I'm going Saturday.

  2. I don't have an address, but it is right next to the movie theater and athletic club in the Five Pines development on the east side of Sisters.


  3. The Desparado Court address is correct. Their phone number is 541-549-1963 and they are open 11 to 11 daily.

    Signed a beerologist living in Sisters

  4. Late to the party on this... those addresses are correct, and further here's their domain:

    I'm hoping to make it over there sometime soon.

  5. Hey Guys...Sisters welcomes the new pub with empty pint glasses! Great food, service & beer! A must if your a local or traveling thru town! Cheers to a successful future! Kenn N