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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

WidHook Deal Completed

The proposed merger between Widmer and Redhook that the breweries announced last November is now complete.
Widmer Brothers Brewing Co. and Redhook Ale Brewery Inc. on Tuesday announced the completion of their merger, renaming the combined company Craft Brewers Alliance Inc....

Kurt Widmer, co-founder of Portland-based Widmer Brothers, will serve as chairman of the board. Paul Shipman, most recently Redhook chairman and chief executive officer, will serve as chairman emeritus. Craft Brewers Alliance will continue to be publicly traded on NASDAQ under the symbol HOOK, with headquarters in Portland and management offices in Woodinville.

Shareholders of each company hold approximately 50 percent of the outstanding shares in the combined company. Anheuser-Busch remains a strategic distribution partner for both sets of brands, and holds a minority equity stake in the company.

In addition to breweries in Portland and Woodinville, Craft Brewers has a brewery in Portsmouth, N.H.
Congrats to the brewery. Let the criticism begin!

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