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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bailout Bitter

Speaking of theft, I'm stealing a post from a beer-loving economist, mainly for the photo (further theft) which is darkly amusing. Howe Sound Brewery in Squamish, BC--apparently in the neighborhood of the 2012 Winter Olympics--has produced a beer called "Bailout Bitter." They're selling it at a slight discount; a nod of the head to the label, and probably good business. The brewery describes the beer thus:

A bitter beer for bitter times. An English style golden bitter brewed to help fight the current global economic crisis. It is a moderately hopped ale, with a nice light flowery nose, and a moderate malt profile. (5% alc./vol.)

Cheers ... I guess.


megapolisomancy said...

"They're selling it at a slight discount"

They should give it away for free and let the taxpayer foot the bill ;-)

jfwells said...

isn't the B.C. Winter Olympics in 2010?

Patrick Emerson said...

For the record, I did TRY to find the proper attribution for the picture, but failed. I assume it is the brewery itself, but can't be sure.

[See you have gone and made me all paranoid now - sheesh, guess I better have a beer and relax!]

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