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Friday, January 02, 2009

Bier Stube and Other Mysteries

Just watching my beloved Blazers get smacked around be the Hornets, and I come away with these questions:

1. Has the Laurelwood's Piston Pale gotten noticeably less hoppy? If yes, why?

2. On the way home, we noticed Gustav's Bier Stube, which I always referred to (amusingly) as the bier "schtube." But I actually thought this was how it's pronounced. Sally declared that it was "just totally one of the things you and your drunken friends made up in college." Can this be true?

(This is one of those posts that ignores the fact that some readers may not live in Portland. Sorry.)

3. What's a stube?


  1. There is a pub in Seattle called Die Bierstube and I always would pronounce it Die BierSCHTUBE. Of course, I always pronounced it with a thick German accent as well.

    But, you are not alone in schtube land.

  2. it is, in fact, pronounced "schtube"

  3. This non-Portland, non-Oregon, non-Northwest reader doesn't mind your location-specific posts. Keep up the good work!

  4. It's more like "schtuba," isn't it? With the "e" at the end pronounced with a slight "a" inflection?

    Anyway, it's a real word (German) and means something like "place to sit around."

    I suspect the Dutch word "stoop" is closely related.

    And speaking of Portland, how's the weather? Once all that snow melted, yikes!

  5. the "e" is pronounced...but i'd describe it more as an "uh" sound...that's the Deutsch I know anyway

  6. This is extremely gratifying. When Sally accuses me of misusing the language, she's generally correct.

    Maureen, no snow, but three inches of rain in the last 36 hours.

  7. Right! As in "tuba"! (Which is what I meant by the "a" sound. I shoulda typed "uh". Soft a.)

    I had no idea I could remember any of the German I learned 30 years ago....

  8. Jeff, forgot to say: Thanks for the weather update. Maybe I should call my mother and make sure her house hasn't washed away. (She lives in the Tigard area. Bet you've never even been down there in 'burbland...)

  9. Jeff, I think perhaps the answer to your question #2 can be found here: