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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fool Me Once

"There's an old saying in Tennessee — I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can't get fooled again."
Time is not fixed, as anyone who has traveled to India knows. It is set by the Vedas, and moves in syncopation to heartbeat of the universe. Only Vedic priests can mark anniversaries. If a train is scheduled to arrive at 2pm, similarly, this doesn't correspond to Greenwich Mean Time's calculations. Rather it is an obscure moment, the arrival of which can only be known when the train appears, ribbony in heat, on the horizon.

I therefore take it to be true that Craig Nicholls and Jason McAdam set the release of their Flanders Red to Vedic time. Announced months ago, I have twice appeared on earlier, appointed days with a bright smile, only to find a publican shaking her head. This happens in India, too: with a look of pity--the acknowledgement that Westerners always misinterpret Indian time--the trainmaster, say, will shake his head sadly and say, "no, no, the train is not here." No, the brewery said, false alarm.

Here we go again. Roots has now announced the official release of the Flanders Red, slated for tomorrow. I will show, grudgingly, expecting the worst. But who knows? In India, sometimes the trains do show up when you expect them to. They're never so predictable as never being on time. So I will go to the pub on the off-chance that this time my amrita awaits. No doubt you suckers will be there with me.

Flanders Red Release Party
Roots Brewing, 1520 SE 7th
Wednesday, Jan 15
Sorry for the delay in the release of the Flanders Red. But guess what …. It’s here!

Brewed two years ago, 3/4 of this beer spent eleven months of it’s life in neutral Pinot Noir French Oak barrels. It was then re - blended with the remainder of the original Flanders Red that had been cellaring since it’s conception.

After going through a secondary fermentation, we cellared it again for the last eight months. This Belgian beer is extremely smooth with a fruity nose that will leave no senses untouched.

This will be available in limited, one liter bottles and on draft at Roots Organic Brewery exclusively. Only 175, one-liter bottles, $25 apiece.
See you there--


  1. I will be there. Is there a scheduled time?

  2. Foyston has it from Craig that it will be 6pm, according to the comments on his blog post regarding the release.

  3. stupid sexy Flanders

  4. I wont make it tomorrow... But I went into Roots tonight and my friends were sitting with one of the managers. She brought out a handful of glasses of the Flanders Red and it was outstanding. Have fun drinking it tomorrow night guys!

  5. Flanders Red Release Party
    Roots Brewing, 1520 SE 7th
    Wednesday, Jan 15

    Is it Wednesday the 14th or Thursday the 15th?