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Friday, July 31, 2009

Beer Summit

I feel compelled to at least acknowledge the hugely overblown "Beer Summit" yesterday. And now I have.

(As I and a million others quipped on Twitter: at least Obama drank a Belgian beer.)


dr wort said...

Political Fluff.... ;-}

Stan Hieronymus said...

I avoided the urge, as in was never tempted.

akahn said...

I read that he had a Bud Light. What's your source on the Belgian beer?

aleconner said...

AB is now owned by InBev, a Belgian company. So Bud Light *is* a 'Belgian' beer. ;-)

Jeff Alworth said...

The wink is key on the "Belgian beer" comment. I never tire of the joke.

Although Red Stripe is an indifferent beer, I give Gates props for picking an obscure beer charged with just the right political symbolism.

Patrick Emerson said...

It turns out Gates had a Sam Adams in the end. Good for him!

And now I have commented.

Patrick Emerson said...

Upon another look at your picture: it seems to confirm Gates's assertion that he had a Sam Adams: that beer 'aint no Red Stripe, it is a lovely deep amber hue.

And now I have commented twice (in one day)

Jeff Alworth said...

He decided to go for the local brew--that is good. (Although I would have been even more impressed had he chosen a Harpoon IPA.)

akahn said...

Harpoon IPA isn't a very good beer. Most of the beers in the Sam Adams portfolio are better.

Maureen Ogle said...

My original line in the WaPo piece, which we had to edit, of course, once we learned Gates had changed his brew, was that perhaps he was showing solidarity with the oppressed people of Jamaica.

dr wort said...

Yes... It's a sad day when we have to say Bud is a Belgian beer! They already have Stella Artios... Wasn't that crappy enough for them Belgians?! ;-}

Jack R. said...

I had multiple business trips to Bavaria and Austria in the 1990s. A favorite acquired joke was:
Q: How is American beer like sex in a canoe?
A: It's f'ing close to water.
[rim shot]

Jack R. said...

the reference was to industrial, non-craft American beers; many of which are now owned by international conglomerates.

I have had Oregon / Washington / Northern Californian craft
- pilsners that would sell well in a Bavarian gasthaus
- ESBs that would sell well in a Yorkshire pub

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