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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Craft Beer Month: Day 2

Man, I just walked down the block to get a cup of coffee and man, it's hot out there. I mention this for no reason except it's a rare experience. One gal who knows how to beat the heat is hosting a cool event tonight, the pick of the litter Craft-Beer-Monthwise.
Session Black Release & Tailgate Party
Saraveza, 6-8pm
1004 N Killingsworth St

Join Full Sail brewers and the Saraveza crew in prosting to the newest lager in the Session line up over brats and dogs! On draft we’ll be pouring, Grandson of Spot - the next beer in Full Sail’s summer “sun” series that began with Sunspot IPA.
Sarah's from the Badger state, which means she knows both good brats and hot summers. You'll be in fine hands if you stop by her joint tonight between 6-8pm.

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