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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Jury Duty - And a Question

Off doing my civic duty, which is bound to hamper blogging. But while I'm gone, could I crowdsource an answer to this question: which CDAs were released this year? (I'm starting to think about my annual year-end wrap-ups, and CDAs are getting some ink.) Widmer started things off with W '10. Then there was Oakshire O'Dark 30, Deschutes' Hop in the Dark and recently Full Sail's Bump in the Night. Am I missing any?


Chris said...

Are you looking for strictly packaged options, or strictly OR beers? Need more criteria!

Ignoring any restrictions, here's what I've got for bottles released in the last year:

~Stone/BrewDog Bashah
~HUB Secession
~Mad River Serious Madness
~SDouthern Tier Iniquity
~21st Amendment Back In Black
~Alaskan Double Black IPA

That's everything that was released in Oregon in the last year. I left off a couple others like Stone Sublimely Self-Righteous and Rogue Brewer because they came out in 2009 or prior.

Geoff said...

I'll add to Chris' list draft wise;
-Pyramid Discord
-Terminal Gravity CDA
-Boneyard Armored Fist
-Collaborator Ale-X

Ones older than this year;
Three Creeks 8 second IBA,
Laughing Dog Dogzilla
Barley Brown's Turmoil
Walking Man Big Black Homo

Chris said...

I should have waited a few minutes before posting the previous comment because Victory Yakima Glory just rolled in as well.

Seanywonton said...

We did one at Alameda. Cascadian Coal. We did 2 batches and it's all gone for the time being.

Kevin said...

My 2010 Predictions wrap-up will also be spending some time on CDAs. Here are a few more from people still calling them Black IPAs:

Alaskan - Double Black IPA
Alchemist - El Jefe
Amager - Black Nitro (Denmark)
Bitter Root - Black IPA
Clown Shoes - Hoppy Feet
Grand Teton - Trout Hop
LoneRider - Grave Robber
Odell - Mountain Standard
Otter Creek - Alpine Black IPA
Speakeasy - Midnight Run
Terrapin - Capt'n Krunkles
Tied House - Menage a Singe
Twisted Pine - Hoppy Knight
Upland - Komodo Dragon Fly

Beer and Coding

Randy Byers said...

Another one that apparently started in 2009, although I didn't see it until the 2010 batch: Big Time Dark Days Black IPA.

Jeff Alworth said...

This is fantastic--thanks, all! Further proof that you are smarter than I.

(Also: I didn't get selected to serve on an actual jury, sadly. I was looking forward to it.)

MT said...

Down San Diego way, Alpine Brewing put out a Black IPA this year named - appropriately enough - Ugly. It's the single best example of the style that I've ever sampled. Those boys do have a way with the hoppy stuff - sure wish we could get some of their beers up here.

ericmsteen said...

Hopworks Secession!

That was my favorite, came out about the same time the Oakshire CDA came out

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