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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

The Honest Pint Project Rides Again; Long Live the HPP!

If you visit the Honest Pint Project website today, you will not find a dead URL. I am pleased to say that after my post last week, three people came forward who wanted to jump in and save it from certain death. (I'm not sure if they want to go public yet, so I'll leave names out for now.) We've been scrambling to make the transfer, and it looks like everything's running smoothly.

This is uniformly good news. The three have a more sophisticated sense of social media, website development, and nonprofit organization than I do--by a long shot. There's one Oregonian there, but a couple from further afield--giving it a more national presence. So not only will the project be carried forward, I expect to see a quantum leap in terms of organization and activity. Any time a group of volunteers agrees to do a bunch of work, they deserve at least the control over the work they've taken responsibility for. I've let them know that I've always only been interested in the spirit of the thing--transparency in glassware sizes. So, if they wish to change the criteria, the certification process, or the logo, that will be their call and I'll delightedly support any changes. (And if they leave it exactly the same, I'll support that, too. Except for the logo. Someone should improve on my crude efforts.) The main thing is that they are committed to pushing the thing forward and keeping the idea alive.



  1. I'm really glad this happened. Thanks for starting it, and for generously handing it off to motivated people.

    The logo isn't bad at all.

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  3. Good news for the consumer. A campaign worth continuing.

    For my part, I never return to a beer outlet that employ cheater pint glasses.

  4. We'd love to get 16 Tons on the HPP website and get Eugene on the Map. We got certified a while back.


    Mike@16 Tons

  5. Looks like Michigan at least has started to introduce legislation for honest pints. Hopefully it passes.