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Tuesday, November 15, 2011


A lot of Edinburgh breweries today, not a lot of Edinburgh. I'm not sure that's entirely right, but there it is. For the first time, I will pass through a town without exploring it much at--which is a shame given my long fascination with the country.

Still, I did get to see two classic Scottish breweries--a decided treat. I'm a bit too exhausted to blog, but I will refer you to the Tumblr page on the odd chance you haven't been visiting--there are sights there to go with these words (in some cases standing in for them).

To Belgium tomorrow--


  1. Edinburgh is a great city to visit; go back when you have more time.

  2. Someday when we all make our millions, we should fashion a group beer and scotch tour! Maybe even before then. Joe could give us general history lessons,you could provide the beer lessons, and Mike and I will drink the scotch and nod encouragingly. Shawn will already be under the table at that point. He'll be our object lesson. 2020!