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Monday, November 21, 2011

How Do I Get a Check in This Country?

Just got back from Rodenbach and I'm still reeling a little. No time to reflect beyond this:

But I will ask: how do you get the check after a meal here? It's almost like everyone's too polite to want to sully our experience with anything as crass as the bill.

To bed. France tomorrow.


  1. Odd question. What happened when you asked for it?

  2. You scribble on your left palm with the imaginary pencil in your right one. International symbol for I am ready for the bill.

  3. Yup, do as Alan suggested. Also, you can simply politely ask the waiter/waitress; it's not considered rude to do so like in the US. In France, say "La note, s'il vous plait."

  4. I third what Alan says. That's been my experience in foreign countries as well. As a sidenote, after spending 8 months living in Europe, this was one thing I sort of missed - the relaxed dining culture. Sure, by American standards service is usually slow, but on the flip side, nothing ever seemed rushed, which I always found very relaxing.

  5. I really enjoyed the relaxed pace at bars and restaurants in Europe this summer. Once you're seated it's your place for as long as you want it.