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Monday, December 14, 2009

Hillsboro's Ambacht Brewing

Good Lord, another one! Not so much to report on this brewery, except what's at the website.
We have been contemplating our brewing philosophy — over a couple of beers, naturally. We came up with our three pillars of brewing. We will use organic ingredients. We will source these ingredients as close as possible to the brewery. We will ferment all our ales to produce a range of Belgian styles. We aren't cloning Belgian beers, but creating our own interpretation of them — taking insperation from our favorites.
Organic, local, Belgian. Three pitches, three dingers. I am most hopeful.

According to the website, they've done some tastings around town with test batches. I intuit from this that many of you must know about the brewery, so perhaps all this is old news to many. Not me! Anyone tried their beers? Thoughts?


  1. I just heard about this as well, but I heard they have been open for about a year. Sounds like they purchased the brewing system from Tucks Brewery. I also heard they've been having to dump a significant number of batches due to infection.

  2. Had their winter beer a little over a year ago now and it was really good. I've been driving past the sign after work for two years now. I haven't talked to the brewer in a while to see what the current plans are.

  3. sheeesh, that is one punk-ass website.

  4. No beer is good enough to warrant going to Hillsboro to drink it.