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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Surveying the New Breweries

[Note: I updated the post with a new, recently-opened brewery. Thanks, DA.]

In yesterday's post, I concluded by listing all the breweries scheduled to open in Portland in the next few months ... and missed at least three. Goes to show how many there are. So, let's review and see if we can capture a the full scope.
  • Alchemy Brewing. This is Jason McAdam's new brewery. Jason was formerly with Roots, and brewed one king-hell of a fine imperial stout there. Alchemy will join the legions in Southeast Portland. Placeholder website here.
  • Breakside. A brewpub scheduled to open in Woodlawn, an under-served part of Beervana. Scott Lawrence, a homebrewer, will man the mash tun. More info here.
  • Coalition. A brewpub at 28th and Ankeny, and maybe the furthest along of this bunch. Owners Elan Walsky and Kiley Hoyt hope to work with homebrewing customers to create recipes (thus the "coalition"). More info here.
  • Harvester. A gluten-free brewery from James Neumeister and Katrina “Kat” Jensen. Neumeister roasts the sorghum used in the beers. (See Brewpublic for more.)
  • Migration. This brewery is just North of Coalition at 28th and Glisan. The owners say it will be open in "early 2010." (See Bill's write-up and also their Facebook page.)
  • Mount Tabor. Bill sussed this one out on the OLCC website (.pdf). All we have is an address: 824 SE 73rd.
  • [New!] Natian Brewing. A recently-opened 1.3-barrel nano brewery located at NE Sandy and Couch. They appear to specialize in cosmically-hoppy beers. (The 75 IBU IPA is described as "An IPA for non-hop heads.") Info: webpage, Facebook, Myspace.
  • Occidental Brewing. Another phantom, this one has a logo, but we know no more.
  • Rivergate Brewing. A North Portland pub on Lombard and Peninsular that plans to add a brewery. Early reviews are a bit mixed.
Holler if I missed anything.

Update: It occurs to me to mention that while there are eight breweries listed here, I can imagine at least a few reasons why some won't ever come to be. It's a lot easier to plan to open a brewery than it is to actually open one. That said, a couple of these are well on the way.


  1. The Mt. Tabor address is pretty clearly in a residential area. The pub must be somewhere else.

  2. Also, The Rock pizza company will be opening a location in PDX with a brewery in it.

  3. Oh, and don't forget Natian brewing.

  4. At some point is it possible Portland may hit a point where there won't be enough demand to support any more? Is it possible to have too much of a good thing here?

  5. Do you have any info on that Rock Pizza opening? I don't know about it.

  6. My bad I misspoke. It is not The Rock, it is American Flatbread Pizza.

    I mentioned this the other day and someone told me it was The Rock, but not so. The are a chain from VT and have a PDX location opening with a brewery. That's all I got.

  7. I look most forward to the Mt. Tabor brews. As far as I know, a pub is still in the brainstorming phase but beer is being brewed, and will also be bottled perhaps. I will find out. The main brewer is good buds with my boss at work. I will ask more about it, and shoot you an email if I get some good information.

  8. The IPA bitterness creep is getting a little ridiculous. Generally speaking humans really can't perceive anything beyond 80 IBUs, so a 75 IBU IPA is alot. Anybody brewing above 80 IBU's is wasting hops and money.

  9. The Dalles is getting Clock Tower Ales sometime in early 2010:

  10. I've been following Ambacht Brewing on their website they are going to be somewhere in Hillsboro by the looks of things.

  11. Great to see the interest in Mt Tabor Brewing! Long story short, our address changed, we're approved by the TTB but now back to waiting on the OLCC. Look for our beer on tap at the Canton Grill (SE 82nd and Division) in the spring. Check us out on twitter for updates. Pub is a couple years out unless demand forces us to start earlier. Cheers!