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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Vaguely Depressing

For the last couple weeks, Genesee Brewing has been carpet bombing me with emails about their latest project ... to cover beer tanks with vinyl wraps that look like beer cans. They are very excited about the project:
For the first time ever, three 35,862,784 ounce tanks that stand about three stories high carry the look of The Genesee Brewery’s flagship beers: Genesee, Genny Light and Genesee Cream Ale. Vinyl graphics that stretch 55 feet wide by 43 feet high now cover the tanks, making them look like oversized cans of beer. Located outside of the brewery, the tanks store the equivalent of approximately 124,523 cases of beer. People can clearly view them from the St. Paul Street side of the brewery.
This is a venerable, regional brewery that apparently makes decent enough beer. But when it comes to promotions, they're reduced to stunts like this.

Reason 397 why I'm happy to live in Beervana.


  1. Well, in terms of getting their name out, this seems to be working. I feel like I've been seeing references to this all over.

  2. I find the commercializing and franchising of craft breweries to be very depressing. Even worse, it's right in our backyard.

    Pyramid/Magic Hat

    Widmer -

    Bridgeport -

    RAM -

    BJ's -

    Rock Bottom -

  3. My grandfather, who lived in southeastern PA, loved a good cold can of Genny Cream Ale.

  4. @Greg

    I here if you pour it over ice and add a slice of lemon it tastes like a local Hefe-weizen?

  5. Pabst Brewing Co. have re-introduced 'classic' Schlitz beer, brewed to the classic 1960s formula, in brown glass bottles, in selected markets [Boston, Chicago, Florida, Milwaukee, Minneapolis-Saint Paul NYC].

    Schlitz signed, Playboy December 1968 Playmate, Cynthia [Cindy] Myers as the official 'Schlitz Gusto Girl'. Cynthia, age 54, is an icon 'back in the day' and still an American beauty.

    Good marketing in my eyes [Google and behold]. I have had the beer. I will drink more; difficult to separate the nostalgia and the taste of the 'classic' American lager.

  6. I grew up in the Rochester, NY area, and I can assure you that Genesee does not make "decent enough" beer. Locals know the flagship brew as "Genny Scream Ale" - a beer best sought out for nostalgic purposes only.