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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Honest Pints in Salem

Venti's Cafe
Purveyor of an Honest Pint
325 Court Street NE
Salem, OR 97301

The newest certified purveyor of an honest pint is down in Salem: Venti's Cafe. The owner, who sent me this photo, also notes that it's not actually all that easy to get 20 ounce glasses with a "calibrated logo." Well, we appreciate any pub willing to go the extra mile.

Venti's is principally a cafe, but they have eight taps, and appear to be expanding the beer line-up. (They also have an expansive bottle list, too.) The food includes a nice vegetarian selection, something you can't find at a lot of pubs. If you're down in Salem, be sure to stop in and have a pint.



  1. re: Venti's
    Venti's is primarily a cafe [with 4 taps], but, with a full basement bar [with 4 taps].

    On these 8 taps, Venti's offers the most diverse selection of craft beer in Salem. Blog posts
    name the beers offered in July[26], August[26], Sept[26], and Oct[33].

    Jack R., aka jbx, the owner's father-in-law.

  2. I second Jack's assertion that Venti's has the most diverse offerings in Salem. I would go further and say that Thane (Venti's head bartender) Is known in Portland and chooses amazing beers. You'll rarely see a Rogue or Widmer beer tapped there. Most of the space is given to smaller scale breweries with quality being an utmost priority.

    Being from the northwest isn't enough to certify a beer makes it on tap. That being said Venti's selection samples from all over California, Oregon, Washington, and I believe even some Idaho beers.