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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

New Portland Brewery: Breakside

You gotta be kidding me--another brewpub slated to open in Portland? Yup. This one, however, is going into Woodlawn, a woefully under-served neighborhood. From Neighborhood Notes, here's the skinny (hat tip to eagle-eyed Jim Parker):

"I know ‘breakside' can mean a couple of different things—going against the flow, going your own way, or even just going for a break," [owner Scott] Lawrence says. "We kind of mean all of the above. We want to do things a little differently, but ultimately our goal is to create a relaxing neighborhood hangout." Lawrence and his partner (silent, for the time being) have been devout home brewers for years, and after a trip to an Alaskan brewery last year, decided it was time to give up their corporate gigs and turn their passion into a profession.

"I started looking at space all over town," Lawrence says. "I found this spot on Craigslist and biked over." He said he was drawn to the space, and to the neighborhood. He says the burgeoning business district feels very welcoming, that they seem to be supportive of one another. He is also eager to include the residents surrounding them—with some sort of reward for people who walk or ride their bikes there.

We'll have 4 or 5 different drafts on a rotating basis, and we'll keep our customers in the loop when we choose them," he says. "We'll take customer suggestions to come up with new recipes. We want this to feel like it's their place, so we'll listen to what they want."

Let's see if I have this right. Breweries now under way: Alchemy, Coalition, Migration, and now Breakside. Good time to be a beer blogger, eh?

PHOTO: Neighborhood Notes


  1. If you are going to cut and paste someone's work, perhaps you should give them some credit. Thanks Jennifer Coughlin for spotting this new pub and writing about it!

  2. Anon, in blogging convention, that's why you link the source--and blockquote the quotation. Why sid this bother you?

  3. Living in the outer SE, I find that the area south of Foster-Powell and East of Sellwood is sorely lacking a brewpub or eight.

  4. since i live a couple blocks away and frequent your neighborhood pizzeria (next door), this is fantastic news for a little community lacking brewery within walking distance

  5. Jeff, your count is missing a few: Occidental, Rivergate, and Harvester. If that's not enough, the Brewers Association website lists several more unnamed breweries in planning for the metro area. Yowza.

  6. Keith,
    you will be very happy to learn the location of Alchemy brewing then.

  7. This got me interested, and I trolled some OLCC documents last night... Found approved brewpub permits for "Mount Tabor Brewing" in SE, and Long Brewing in Tigard.

    Maybe those are some of the unnamed ones Josh mentioned.

  8. kaAs a neighborhood resident I welcome Breakside to the area! We are very excited to have you and look forward to walking over and spednign a lot of quality time there. My neighbors are homebrewers and they too are very excited. Thanks for choosing Woodlawn.

  9. Hey guys and gals, this is Scott and we are indeed opening Breakside there in Woodlawn. Work inside is really going to get kicking next week 1and we plan on officially opening our doors April 1st. Feel free to stop in any time and check the place out. Once we get the beer rolling in Feb or so, we'll hand out samples to anyone in the neighborhood who wants to say hello.

    Scott Lawrence
    Breakside Brewery

  10. Hey Ezra,

    Sounds like you've heard a thing or two about the alchemy location. I just heard that it's going to be on inner east burnside. What say ye?