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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

People's Choice Poll

Okay, folks, here's the people's choice poll. Same criteria as for the Satori Award--an Oregon beer released in 2009 that will be a regular or regular seasonal beer. Also, note that for Upright, I selected the two most widely-available beers, Four and Five. I know some of you will like some of their other beers better, but it seems unfair to penalize a debut brewery by splitting the vote among several beers. My sense is that Four and Five have the biggest followings, so I hope this is a good compromise.

Happy voting--


  1. So by including both Four and Five will one act as the third party candidate and take votes from the other?

  2. Well, if the combined total exceeds all others, we'll have something to consider. Interestingly, both are currently tied for first place. A one-two finish would really say something, wouldn't it?

  3. Not sure a 1st and 2nd finish would say a ton. Ezra has tweeted it at least twice and five got some votes after he did this. It's amazing the impact social networking has on these things. I'd be willing to bet that Ninkasi could get a huge jump in votes using social networking since they have a larger fan base.

    This is why online polls always fail to show anything.

  4. Jared,
    yeah I tweeted about it but I dont see what the problem with that is. All I did is encourage people to vote, once they got here they can vote for whatever they want and I would not know the difference. I dont think people are going to vote for just Five just because I tell them too.
    And isnt that like saying we shouldnt encourage people to vote on their local and federal government? That candidates shouldnt encourage people to vote for them?

    Not sure what's better, a peoples choice poll or a few people deciding whats best. Either way its up to the individuals tastes.

    About Ninkasi, your right they have a ton of followers. Interestingly I talked Jamie Floyd into starting that twitter feed awhile back. He didnt know what it is and now its got quite a following. But they have a guy they hired to do that, who apparently doesnt work weekends.
    I am just doing this for love of the beer and I dont make a dime off of it and thus have no off shift hours.

  5. @Ezra

    I have no problem with you tweeting it and I know people can vote for whoever they want.

    My point was that these polls really dont show alot since they can be influenced by whoever gets the most fans to the site.

    I hear Upright makes amazing beer, and although I havent tried any of them yet based off the recomendations of people I trust I'd be fine with them finishing with a 1st and 2nd.

    I was simply pointing out the influence social networking has on these polls and lamenting that it makes them less impressive. I've felt this way about every peoples choice award for beer that I've participated in though, even when the beer I've voted for wins.

    No beef against you, Upright, or twitter though :) No hard feelings???

  6. Jared,
    of course no hard feelings. Their never were any. I just disagree about polls. I dont take it seriously although I think it did bring out some competitiveness in me.
    And also, I certainly am not speaking for Upright Brewing when I comment on blogs or on twitter. That is just me.

    As you predicted Ninkasi discovered the poll almost immediately after we mentioned them and blew up the voting. I wonder if they read my comment and thought 'we'll show him'.

    Anyway its all fair game in a people's choice poll. I am astounded Upright got as many votes as it did.