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Friday, December 11, 2009

Spints Alehouse is Open

Somehow I totally missed the opening of Spints Alehouse, mere blocks from my front door. It's actually been open a week, but last night was the grand opening. Anyone checked it out yet? (Early Yelp reviews are cautiously optimistic.) Here are some phone pics from about a half hour ago.


  1. Seems like a lot of german food and beer, suggesting the name may be a misnomer. Perhaps Spints lagerhaus woudl have been better...

  2. I've been twice this week and love it. The chef, formerly of Teardrop, is doing some great things now that she's in a larger kitchen. The beef stew, fois gras torchon, and duck prosciutto are all winners in my book.

    The beer list is well-curated, divided into drafts, domestics, imports, and Belgians. I'd have liked to see a little more emphasis on heavier beers given the time of year, but I can't imagine any beer lover being unhappy here. So far I've been in for Rodenbach Grand Cru and Scaldis Noel, both great for coming from the cold.

    The atmosphere is relaxed and the staff is really friendly. I wish it was mere blocks from my front door.

  3. Now I am just getting upset. All this stuff is going on in my former backyard! Why couldn't any of this been done before my move to Bend?

  4. A bunch of pics of the food here:

  5. Corey: Maybe it's just happening before your return to Portland.

  6. Nice to see you the other day, Jeff! I've already got a huge crush on Spints. You are lucky to live so close by and I am predicting you'll become a regular.

    It's not a huge beer list per se, but I think it's very well-chosen. A lot of Germans. Here are the taps:

    - Trumer Pilsner
    - Bayern Schwarz
    - Reissdorf Kolsch
    - Hacker-Pschorr Weissbier
    - Heater Allen Dunkel-Weiss
    - Aventinus Wheat Dopplebock
    - Great Divide Hibernation Ale
    - Fullers London Porter
    - Ninkasi Total Domination IPA
    - Double Mountain India Red Ale
    - Oakshire Espresso Stout
    - Fearless Strong Scottish Ale
    - Duchesse de Bourgogne Flemish Red Ale
    - Nostradamus Strong Dark Ale

    I would love to see some cask beers there. It would go very well with the food and the vibe.

  7. Ya mean dar ain't no hamburger, chicken strips or nachos!!

    What will the local beer drinkers eat!?

    Smoked chicken paprikash! Dat sounds a little uppity ta me. ;-}

  8. im surprised nobody is mentioning the very un-portlandlike beer prices. $7 pints?!? umm, no.

  9. If they're charging $7 for pints of stuff like Hibernation, that definitely deserves to be "pointed out". I'd like to see a food menu with prices, this place just plain looks of course looks NICE, but I get the feeling it had better be payday when I visit.

  10. Thanks for the great feedback, folks. Thanks especially to Suds Sister for the beer list, which is magnificent. (Anything with the Duchesse...) And also thanks to Jim for pointing out the prices. Ouch! That's as expensive as a specialty cocktail. I hope they at least offer you an Honest Pint.

  11. A 16 oz. of the Belgians is $11.

  12. reposadoI would like to point out that the $7 pint is really for a 20 oz glass. We are being as fair as we can with the prices of the beer we are carrying. Spints has sacrificed on some of the beer mark ups, but in the long run we still have margins to meet. We hope to be around for a long time.