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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Roots Epic Release in Pictures

Had a great time last night at the Roots Epic release party. I had the chance to chat with Craig Nicholls for a long time, and I have some news on the brewery, in addition to reflections on vertical tasting. But for now, busy as you all probably are this weekend, all I have time to do is post pics. (Though I should also mention that you might hustle down to the pub and see if there's any of the vintage Epic still on tap. My recommendation: the '05, which is plummy and smooth from age and oxidation, and the '07, which still has a robust layer of green, strangely fresh, sticky hopping. And you can pick up a bottle for the cellar, too.)

That's the '08, '07, and '06, left to right.

The '05 and my bottle (#94).

Craig Nicholls, treated to my characteristically
poor photography

Sally took this one, evidence of why I try
to avoid the buisness end of cameras.


  1. I was there too; it was great. '05 was my fav in a blind tasting of all 5. I was surprised at the difference between them, in that the differences were different than I expected (!!!). For the most part they all seemed to be different beers; there wasn't a smooth transition in character from the '09 to the '05. Do you know if they vary the recipe year to year?

    Great beer, though I wouldn't have minded 4oz tasters as my wife ended up not helping me out very much with the 40oz worth of Epic at our table...

  2. Did you ask if they were having financial difficulties?