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Saturday, December 04, 2010

Go Ducks

Last year I was pulling for the Beavers, who had a Rose Bowl on the line. (They lost it.) This year, it's the Ducks with a national championship game at risk. I generally pull for the underdogs, but in the grand scheme of things, a Ducks national championship would be a triumph of the little guy. The 5-6 Beavs are mainly playing for spite (and a Toilet Bowl)--as good a reason as any--but this year, I'm a Duck man.


  1. Watching three time zones to your east. Having a difficult time chanting either "DUCKS!" or "BEAVERS!" but it is a hell of a good game so far. Chouffe is my poison of choice.

  2. Rooting for the Ducks in Big Ten and Ohio State territory is always painful, especially after last year's Rose Bowl loss. Nonetheless, Go Ducks, and on to Arizona!

  3. Well, they did it. I shudder to think what doom awaits them against Auburn, but give Chip Kelly and his kids credit: they had a perfect season and get a chance to win or lose a national championship on their own terms. No voters now, just football.

    Congrats, Duckies!