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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

What Starts Up Must Ultimately Go Down

Beervana is no longer the Number One Beer Blog in America. It's number two. I've fired my PR staff and beaten the copy editor. (Rule of thumb: always beat the copy editor.) We plan to go back to two-a-days, retool the spread offense, and adopt a strict diet regimen. No more screwing around.

Despite my loss, the Pac Ten has moved into near total dominance of the top spots. The new Number One, Jay Brooks, is down in NoCal, and #3 and 5 belong to Brewpublic and the New School. The Washington Beer Blog rounds out the top ten.

In any case, this is all silly, but it seemed appropriate to acknowledge that I've been knocked back a peg--for humility purposes.


  1. Good competition makes the strong stronger.

  2. These ratings are silly. But after rising through the ranks for two months, vanity got the better of me and I put the wikio badge up on It's Pub Night.

    I guess I'll leave it on there until I fall back to my rightful place in the triple-digits.

  3. Yet it may be silly but its fun and does make you want to up your game. Then again I have only went up so far so we will see how I feel if I drop!

  4. It's OK Jeff.... You've always been a Number 2 to me... Play on words.. :-0

  5. If one really cared about their rank on Wikio wouldn't the strategy be to contact as many blogs/sites as possible and try to get them to put up your link? I guess I don't really understand or care. I can see the vanity side of it...wanting to quantify your work, but I am not really of concern with Wikio since it doesn't really affect the bottom line of why I blog in the first place. It might be a good tool to drive ad revenue I suppose, but being driven by a badge and money sounds like something for a crooked cop not a craft beer supporter. All that being said, I believe that your blog, Jeff, is top notch with or without the lauding of Wikio and the "real heads" (I've used that term again) will read you regardless. I hope this didn't come off as smug because I admire all the blogs I've read that are listed on the Wikio list.

  6. Angelo, thanks for the kind words. Your own efforts have been deservedly rewarded here, too.

    I did mention the perverse incentives the Wikio system provides. If you want to do well, you want people to link to you. If you're doing well and wish to preserve your hegemony, you shouldn't link to other sites--they get a boost when you do.

    But obviously, that's backwards in the blogosphere. And thank god it is--the interlinking among the Oregon bloggers has given us this huge advantage. If we were greedy, we might all be way down the list.

    And as to this:

    If one really cared about their rank on Wikio wouldn't the strategy be to contact as many blogs/sites as possible and try to get them to put up your link?

    I think this is exactly why the Beer Wench has climbed so quickly in the rankings. She does interviews with bloggers (like me) who then link to her. Those interviews account for at least half her posting and take her about four minutes to post. Genius!

  7. Beervana is still the first blog I read in the morning. Keep up the good work, Jeff. Cheers!