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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Vote For the People's Choice

Okay folks, here's the final list of beers I'm considering for the Satori. There are a couple that may get scratched down the road because they won't be brewed again, but better safe than sorry.* I consider every beer on this list to be at least very good. I've already created my short list and am 90% sure which will take home the final prize. But palates differ. The last couple years, the People's Choice differed from my own, and I expect that will be the case in 2010. So let your voice be heard. I'll leave this poll open through the end of the weekend and next week I'll announce both the People's Choice and the Satori.

*To make the list, a beer had to be brewed in Oregon, be something the brewery planned on making again (no festival one-offs), and had to be released in the last calendar year.


  1. It's tough to choose between Block 15 Figgy Pudding and Cascade. Noyeaux, but I had to go with Cascade. That beer blew me away, and would never pass up the opportunity to keep revisiting it.

  2. I went w/ cascade as well. I first had tastes of the Noyeaux at zwicklemania when Ron was serving it straight from the bright tank. It was really good then, but what it became once the barrel house opened and they were serving it there was something else. I took a couple that was visiting from Germany over there and suggested the noyeaux, and I still get emails from him saying how much they miss it.

  3. Did Bourbon Fred miss out on the chance to ever get a satori award due to scheduling?

    I think it technically first came out at Big Wood in 2009, then on tap at the barrel house a few months ago in 2010, and it's scheduled to be bottled soon, but in 2011...

    If the release occurred over the course of a calender year (instead of 3!), it would give noyeaux a run for it's money in my mind.

  4. @pedXer

    Yes! Watching the Noyeaux change was incredible.

    I had it too at Zwicklemania, and revisited during Puckerfest and again when the Barrel House opened. It was different beast each time, and wow! It kept getting better.

    But man, that beer is so not Reinheitsgebot. Glad your German friends love it!

  5. No love for Upright, or are they disqualified because Alex won last year?

    Don't get me wrong, it's a solid list, but I would have thought the Gose or Oyster Stout would have at least been worthy of consideration.

    Such is the way of things when making a best of list; someone worthy is going to be left out.