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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Poll: 2010's Best Cascadian Dark Ales

Having collected all the info on the Cascadian Dark Ales released this year, I would now like to solicit your opinion. What was good, what was meh? For those of you outside the Beervana catchment area: sorry, you probably won't have tried many/any of these.



  1. my favorites aren't on there! No hopworks? no barley browns?

  2. If you haven't had Boneyards... then you have no favorite yet! I love that beer. Haven't snagged the Full Sail one yet. Kind of premature putting that beer into a poll since it just got released.

  3. Barley Brown's Turmoil, and Block 15's Benton Brigade are among my favorite Oregon CDAs

  4. So how does the Alaskan Double Black IPA stack up in comparison? Being regionally challenged, I've missed out on the ones listed here, but the best one I've had thus far is this one.

  5. I'm winding up to my year-end stuff, which is based on beers of the last year brewed in Oregon. So this reflects a list under those parameters.

  6. What about Hopworks Secession? That was 2010.

  7. Eric, Secession was brewed for the '09 Organic Fest, so I know it dates back at least that far.

    Poll Update. When I structured this, I was trying to control for the fact that a lot of people will have tried Deschutes and Widmer, while far fewer will have had the Boneyard etc. The most-tasted beers will naturally get more votes for best. But, did they also get rated highly? Interesting returns so far.

    As predicted, Widmer (42%) and Deschutes (38%) are the leading vote-getters for best CDA. But the ratings, scored as an average of their point totals, vary a lot. Have a look. (Higher is better, number in parentheses is the number of people who rated that beer.)

    Deschutes: 3.0 (38)
    Widmer: 2.9 (42)
    Oakshire: 2.5 (29)
    Boneyard: 2.3 (18)
    Terminal Gravity: 2.3 (18)
    Full Sail: 2.2 (17)
    Alameda: 2.2 (17)

    Fascinatingly, although Deschutes has the best aggregate, only 16% of raters called it "excellent." Widmer garnered 12 "excellents," or 29%.

  8. pedXer & Eric,

    Glad to see people dig the Secession.


    Your right that we first brewed Secession for the 2009 NOABF, and after such a great reception we re-released it as a seasonal, in bottles and draft, from January-April of this year. It will make its return as our seasonal in a few weeks - available January-March.

  9. Have to say Hop in the Dark has been my favorite so far. had a bottle of Bump in the Night tonight. Good up front, but tasted a little buttery on the back end once it warmed up. Kind of killed it for me.