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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Widmers' New Labels

For your post-Christmas digestion, these new labels from the Widmer Brothers:

You can follow the link to see others in the series--though they are all of a kind. The largest loss is drifter, which was one of the truly beautiful labels out there. One thing that continues is the wood-cut "W," which you can see in previous versions (with thanks to for one):



Earlier still


  1. I prefer the "earlier still" label. I don't like the big khaki colored border on the new labels. It seems like a waste of space in my opinion.

  2. Sanjay,
    what space are they wasting? ie what would they possibly put in that khaki colored space anyway.

    Regardless I think the new one is better than the last 2 but maybe not as good as the 'earlier still'. The new label has an old school yet modern feel.

  3. Widmer also had a more interesting bottled line-up at the time of the 'earlier still' label: in addition to the hefe, a czech pilsner, a vienna lager, a golden bock, and a blackbier (I've deliberately omitted the reprehensible widberry).

  4. Ezra, I love labels with artwork. I think GREAT labels create instant visual connections with consumers. While these labels will create a unified look for Widmer's brand as a whole, they tell me little about the individual beers (except for maybe the lemon on the Hef label). In my humble opinion, they're cookie cutter. Now look at BridgePort's new labels. They provide unique, visually appealing images for each beer.

    This is why I preferred Widmer’s "earlier still" label. The new khaki border just takes up a big chunk of the label without providing anything unique for each beer (unless the consumer takes the time to read the word cloud). At the end of the day, Widmer is a world-class outfit, and they know this stuff far better than I do. I expect they'll be very successful with these new labels.

    @ non mouse. Widberry, now there's a blast from the past! I wonder when they stopped making that?