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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Guild Public House Opening on Burnside

Apparently it's official. An old friend of mine, one of the original founders of BlueOregon (along with Kari Chisholm and me), is ditching politics and getting into the pub biz:
His new joint, The Guild Public House, will open in mid-January in the first-floor space under Noble Rot that, in its most recent incarnation, was the Report Lounge.

Says Cornett: "The notion is to have high-end yet limited pub grub priced to compete in a food cart city. We won't have burgers and fries (kitchen limitations) but we will have great sandwiches, classic salads with unique twists, and feature seasonal specials on an ongoing basis. As a very Portland Pub, we'll be local sourcing as much as possible. We're also cognizant that we're moving into a LEED Platinum building and going to make sure that we continue the environmentally friendly theme to the fullest extent possible. I think we'll be the only pub in Portland on a well and heated/cooled with geothermal."
I knew this was in the works, and behind the scenes I've been directing my meager influence toward securing a cask tap at the place. Either way, though, I hope it's a hit. Good luck, Jesse--


  1. ....and what about the beer? No real kitchen... but what about the beer?! Glad it's green and local! Know how much that makes the Doc's toes curl! Yea right! So.. what about the beer?

  2. Exciting, lower east burnside has a lot of new openings coming up. Burnside Brewing is getting ready to open, Sizzle Pie is making some very tasty pizza (had a LOT of it this week)and should be open next week with a great beer selection. The owners of sizzle pie are expanding into the space next door and opening "quality bar" in it, at which point the beer selection is supposed to get pretty big. Now the Guild Public House a few more blocks up. Exciting news for the neighborhood.

  3. Thanks for the post Jeff.

    I'm pretty excited about the opening of Sizzle Pie and Burnside Brewing too! We're excited to bookend lower Burnside.

    What about the beer? The plan is to have 7 taps, with 6 being Portland micros. At least 2 taps will change on a regular basis to highlight the best/newest that Portland has as well as a seasonal, of course. I still don't know if we can have a cask but I'm always drawn to a cask selection when available so if we can do it, it will be done!

    We will have a beer cooler with a robust selection of bottle as well.

    Okay Beervana readers... a question: how much should I focus on JUST Portland beers? That's my interest, keeping it local, but from the perspective of beer enthusiasts, should I not limit it like that?