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Monday, December 06, 2010

Beer Law Madness in Colorado

This is insane. Thanks to an old law that will be enforced after January 1, where you can buy beer depends on how strong it is:

A state law in effect next year will force the owners of restaurants and bars to stop selling beer that contains low levels of alcohol....

Bars, restaurants and liquor stores can sell only beer that is above 4 percent alcohol by volume. Grocery and convenience stores are allowed to sell only alcohol with less than 4 percent alcohol by volume.
(That comes from two reports by the Denver Post: 1, 2.) The perverse law was not created by consumers, obviously, nor politicians concerned about public health, nor breweries. It was hatched by lobbyists for grocery and convenience stores. So, if you want a low-alcohol session in a pub, good luck. Have an imperial stout instead!

Expect to see this item return with my inaugural DMS awards later this month.


  1. first they came for my Four Loko...

  2. Plutocracy in action yet again!

  3. is it April 1st today? Colorado?!

  4. That's effed up. It can't last too long in a state like Colorado though...can it? I feel bad for the breweries who are going to suffer in the mean time, though. That is a serious blow to their sales.

  5. From what I can tell, it could hurt pubs that rely on imports (read: Irish-style joints) more than craft brewers. I can't think of a craft beer in Colorado that comes in under 4 percent ABV. I can't imagine that this would hurt their sales. It might actually help if their beers can replace imports at certain pubs.

    Sure, the law seems screwy, but I don't see it hurting brewers' bottom lines.