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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Laurelwood's Entry: Saison d'Arduinna

In the Cheers to Belgian Beers competition, we have info on at least one entry, Laurelwood's Saison d'Adruinna. (Makes me feel prescient to have seen the possibilities of a saison in this yeast strain.) Brewer Chad Kennedy gives the lowdown:
Named for the goddess of the Ardennes forest in Belgian, this Belgian-style is our way of welcoming Spring. To create this unique beer we used Organic malted barley, white wheat malt, oats, maize and Belgian candy sugar. Subtle notes of citrus are added by the use of orange and lemon. Most of the character of this beer is thanks to the yeast, a strain from the Ardennes region of Belgium.

6.4 % ABV
15 IBUs
O.G. 14 º Plato
Any other brewers wish to tip your hand?

1 comment:

  1. I had a pint of Laurelwood's Saison to other night...I was really hoping for more carbonation from it. Tasty none the less, I've never used this yeast strain, I'm gonna check it out on my next round of Belgian brews.