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Thursday, April 10, 2008

WW Kvetches

The meme with steam:
Cheater pints : Ever notice how your beer seems to run out too fast? That’s not just your alcoholism talking—bars all over Portland are shorting patrons who order “pints.” Instead of pouring the standard 16 ounces, pound-foolish pubs such as Lucky’s and hipster darling the Sandy Hut serve scaled-down glasses with thicker walls that hold just 14 ounces. To all but the veteran drunk, these cheater pints can be hard to spot without a regulation glass for comparison. So if you’re suspicious, order a tallboy and ask for a glass. If you fill your “pint” without completely draining the can, you’re in a den of cheap assholes. To understand just how cheap, let’s do the math: Even the most expensive microbrew kegs cost only about $120 wholesale, while a keg of PBR runs more like $65. A keg holds 124 pints, which means even top-shelf beer costs bars less than a dollar a pint, or about 6 cents an ounce. That drops to 3 cents an ounce for the cheap stuff. It’s not that cheater pint-serving bars think your goodwill isn’t worth a dime, they just don’t think it’s worth 12 cents.
(Willamette Week's annual "Kvetch fest.")


  1. Jeff - have you contacted either of the candidates for Attorney General to find out if they have any interest in enforcing labeling standards for beer?


  2. they blatently stole this from your blog. you should demand your old position as beer writer back (with a raise).

  3. Jeff,

    Great to see someone taking up the battle on this. I've always though the short pints over here were something the beer and bar industry should be ashamed of. Wouldn't get away with back home in England!

    I had a recent experience with a short pint at Brouwers Cafe in Seattle. Have a read here:

    Cheers, Mark.