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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Pssst ... Deschutes Pearl is Open

So I just called over to the new Deschutes Pub and learned that it's open. The Grand Opening on Friday is apparently not the actual opening. So if you want a sneak peak, now's the time. I am stopping by this afternoon and will have pics/news tomorrow.
210 NW 11th Ave
(503) 296-4906
Don't everybody rush down there, now. I want to get a pint. Go at, say, six pm. I oughta be out of there by then--


Dave Selden said...

I went over there, too ... and about the same time! We must have just missed you. Bruce, Thom and I were in the SE corner of the dining room.

Anonymous said...

You're a day late, Jeff...I went over on Tuesday for lunch (and I, in fact, was a day late; they opened Monday). Love the new space BTW...

Brian G.

Jeff Alworth said...

Pics and thoughts up later today. Dave--I was at the bar. Too bad I didn't see you, we could have had a pint of that exquisite Bachelor Bitter on cask together.

Anon, it was apparently actually open on Monday, which means some folks got the drop on both of us. Damn, what kind of blogger am I?

Anonymous said...

My wife and I had a great time there on Saturday at the Oregon Trout fundraiser. We entertained ourselves by trying to guess which guests were there for the fish and which were there for the beer. Personally, I was there for both! Great building, food was pretty good, and the beer was excellent.


Anonymous said...

Oh, and one other thing - did the "Imperial Pints" seem a little short to you, Jeff? They have the right shape with the bulge 1/4 of the way down the glass, but for some reason they just seemed a little small to me...


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