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Monday, April 28, 2008

Papazian's New Blog

Charlie Papazian, pied piper of homebrewing, has a blog. I've been watching it for a couple weeks to see if he actually keeps it current, and so far he has. And, while there's plenty of Beertown-related* content, there's also a fair amount that looks like standard blogging--idiosnycratic posts about things that interest the blogger. In fact, he even says that's his goal.
Some people think that whenever I write about beer and brewers I put on a hat and preach on behalf of small, craft and homebrewers. Let me assure you I do not wear a hat when I write.

What I write is what I feel and I’m not writing to wave any banners. There is no group of individuals I have encountered that is as community bound, quality minded and convivial as those who make beer. My regard for most brewers is heartfelt.
Charlie's strengths have never expressed themselves in beautiful prose. But he does have as much history and experience with American craft brewing and homebrewing as anyone, so his insights may be worth watching. I'll link him in my blogroll, so check in from time to time.

*Beertown is the internet hub of Papazian's universe, including the Homebrewers and Brewers Associations and their related activities (Zymurgy, GABF, etc.)

1 comment:

  1. Weird choice to go with The Examiner as his publisher. Why not just add a blog to the beertown site?

    He's keeping some strange company -- smack between the "Energy Drink Examiner" and the "Celebrity Mania Examiner."