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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

You Loves the Horse Brass

Big surprise.

I have now closed the poll, and with 105 votes in, the Horse Brass is the big winner. But the rest of the findings were less predictable. The next two pubs, which had only slightly less support, have opened in the past year or so. Some of the old standards didn't stack up as well. Below are the final results:
Horse Brass
Bailey's Taproom
Green Dragon
Concordia Ale House
Moon and Sixpence
Pilsner Room
Produce Row
The Henry
I guess I thought Produce Row would attract a little more attention, and possibly the Henry (though its upscale vibe and density of Pearlies puts it at odds culturally with the Lucky Lab types whom I assume occupy a large percent of this blog's readership). I'll reflect on my view of our best pubs at least by Saturday. I've been meaning to do it as a part of this series.

Thanks to all who voted--


  1. I didn't vote because I haven't been to all or couldn't honestly say I "loved" any of the options. It seems when I go out for a beer I end up at a brewery. Could that be why some of the standards didn't do as well?

  2. I think one of the key characteristics of a 'good' pub (and something that is a bit marginalized by these polls) is the fact that it is local. I don't think a good pub is supposed to be evaluated on the metric of "would I travel across town to go there?", but rather evaluated as a great place that also becomes part of the fabric of the neighborhood. This is one reason I think the McMenamins have been so successful - they based much of the early business in creating friendly neighborhood places. So, yes, the Horse Brass is definitely worth traveling far to visit once an a while (and is also a fantastic neighboorhood pub), but if I am in Sellwood, say, I want to be able to wander in to the Oaks Bottom or Muddy Rudder and find a good vibe, good beer and good company.

    So I would love to see someone do a list of the best places by neighborhood and talk about how the character of the place reflects the character of the neighborhood. Just a thought.

  3. @Patrick:

    Couldn't have put it better myself. My favorite pub is usually the one I'm closest to.

  4. hah, i couldn't vote for the Horse Brass because it's just too damn smokey in there. it has always ruined the experience for me.

    though i will admit i think it has the best selection. i voted for the Green Dragon simply because i'd been there recently and liked the beer selection.