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Friday, October 24, 2008

Hair of the Dog Blue Diamond

I got a tip that Hair of the Dog has a new beer coming out called "Blue Diamond." A double IPA, soon to hit shelves, apparently.

That's all I know...

[Okay, I've confirmed it's Blue Dot. Sorry all to fans of HotD who were thinking something new was in the offing. But eliciting the news about that Flanders Red in comments--no matter how long it takes--was worth my embarrassment.]


  1. Where did this tip come from? I was at the Oregon Brew Crew HotD out meeting where Alan talked about all his new and ongoing projects and this was not mentioned.

  2. Could be. Regard it as the kind of rank rumor blogs are famous for. Hey, we have to be famous for something.

  3. Well, I hope this rumor tuns out to be true... speaking of HotD rumors (well, not so much a rumor as fact), Alan is working on a Flanders Red that he plans to release commercially. The only catch is that it will not be ready for another year...

  4. I suspect you may be mixing up HotD's existing Blue Dot IIPA with Blue Diamond almonds. ;-) Not a bad sounding combination actually. I'm really looking forward to that Flanders Red. And does anyone else miss their excellent but long-discontinued Small Beer? Sure wish Alan would bring that back.