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Friday, October 03, 2008

Three Creeks Review

I want to direct you to Jon's comprehensive review of the newly-opened Three Creeks brewpub in Sisters. Three Creeks, to jog your memory, is erstwhile Lucky Lab brewer Dave Fleming's new place. Jon reviews the beer, food, and has ten pictures of the place. As the king blogger of Central Oregon, I've been waiting for his review. Beer upshot:
Overall, we all agreed the beer is decent and drinkable, and I think they're doing some interesting enough things (like the IBA and the Rye) to keep them noticed and fresh.
Food upshot:
The food ... was good all around. Paul kept raving about his "Chicken-bacon-tater" meal, which was essentially all those ingredients in a flatbread taco thing smothered (I think) in cheese and stuff. Decadent, you know. I ordered fish and chips, which is pretty standard for me whenever I first visit a brewpub—I figure it's a good measure of the place—and it was a solid plate.
I find it amusing that he also orders fish and chips as a standard--something I do, as well. Obviously, beer drinkers are not the most sophisticated foodies on the block. Anyway, go have a read and check out his pics--


  1. I strongly disagree that 'beer drinkers are not the most sophisticated foodies on the block'. This is just feeding into a stereotype that, sadly, most pubs buy into as well. I always find it amazing that so many people are happy to suspend their better judgement and say that mediocre or even downright awful food is 'pretty good' because, after all, 'it's just a pub'. Bah. We could use another pub or two around here that is willing to up the ante and serve great food as well as great beer.

    [I don't mean to imply anything at all about the food at Three Creeks in particular; I haven't been there, and for all I know their food is superior.]

  2. Don't get me wrong about food--just because I'm an idiot doesn't mean I don't wish there was better food. I wrote about that very point last year. I couldn't agree with you more.

  3. So you did! If I thought you were an idiot before, I definitely don't now. ;-) Sad that nothing has really changed. I miss the old B. Moloch; not _exactly_ what you envisioned in your posting last year, but one one of the best casual meetings of good food and good beer I've experienced here in Portland.

  4. King Blogger? Wow, that has a nice ring to it... don't know how true it is though. ;)

    Thanks for the pointer.