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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Is this the Edgefield?

I was reading this week's New Yorker (slowly, as usual), and got to the short story--"Three" by Andrea Lee. It was accompanied by a picture Bruno Barbe, below. It seems like that just has to be a McHotel--where else are there murals like this? The only one I know with vinyards visible from the window is the Edgefield. Can anyone confirm? Interesting and odd.


Nathaniel Reinhart said...

It would be cool, but I don't see the rolling hills like that in Troutdale.

The following is from Magnum Photos:

"ITALY. Tuscany. Walls painted by Gino SEVERINI at the Castle of Motefugoni."

Original Image (Ref: PAR98450)

Jeff Alworth said...

That is amazing--it looks just like a McPub. Ah well...

Anonymous said...

Hotel Oregon in McMinnville. The hills aren't quite as close as they seem in that pic, but the rooftop bar may be the best place in the state to knock a few down.

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