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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Is this the Edgefield?

I was reading this week's New Yorker (slowly, as usual), and got to the short story--"Three" by Andrea Lee. It was accompanied by a picture Bruno Barbe, below. It seems like that just has to be a McHotel--where else are there murals like this? The only one I know with vinyards visible from the window is the Edgefield. Can anyone confirm? Interesting and odd.


  1. It would be cool, but I don't see the rolling hills like that in Troutdale.

    The following is from Magnum Photos:

    "ITALY. Tuscany. Walls painted by Gino SEVERINI at the Castle of Motefugoni."

    Original Image (Ref: PAR98450)

  2. That is amazing--it looks just like a McPub. Ah well...

  3. Hotel Oregon in McMinnville. The hills aren't quite as close as they seem in that pic, but the rooftop bar may be the best place in the state to knock a few down.