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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Odds and Ends

Can't sort out the various Lupulins? Try them side-by-side at the Pilsner Room. #1 is made with Mt. Rainier (alternately known as "Rainier"), #2 with Cascades, and #3 with Nuggets. This is a pretty cool opportunity to see the effect of different hops on a beer. It's a controlled experiment, with all the other moving parts held in position so that the only variation in aroma, flavor, and bitterness will be contributed by the hops. Given that there's something else happening tonight, I may have to wait until tomorrow to get down there.

I meant to point out that regular commenter DA Beers has a new blog. It's been in my blogroll for a week or so, but I wanted to draw your attention to it.

Speaking of new blogs, Angelo De Ieso II, who has written at Portland Beer Blog and Belmont Station, has launched the ambitious Brewpublic. You may recall some of his interviews with brewers like Van Havig, Jamie Floyd, and Christian Ettinger. Based on the early number of posts at Brewpublic, he may become the most prolific Oregon beer blogger in no time. He's a beer guy and a Red Sox fan. Enough said.

Geoff Kaiser writes a nice beer blog for the Seattle PI (you could call him our John Foyston), and he just came back from the GABF with thoughts and pictures. Worth a read.


  1. Thanks for the plug Jeff!

    Oh yah, like Angelo, I'm also an avid Red Sox fan.

  2. I'm also an avid Red Sox fan.

    We may be crying in our beers after tomorrow night.

  3. Jeff: I popped into the Pilsner Room this afternoon to try the Lupulins side-by-side. I think the Nugget one is closest to last year's mind-blowing Lupulin. Very close, but not quite the transcendental experience of the 2007.

    The Cascade Lupulin is also very nice. More floral than the Nugget, but less fresh-hoppy. The Mt. Rainier is my least favorite of the three, much more bitter than the other two. It's still a fine beer: I would love it if I didn't already have a particular goal in mind for fresh hop beers.