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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Malt Liquor Revival?

The unexpected enthusiasm with which the "more potatoes" post was greeted has inspired this quick reminisce:


  1. I'll drink anything Lando Calrissian tells me to!

  2. I've noticed there are a lot of craft brewers in Seattle doing malt liquors like the Elliott Bay Olde Burien 600, Silver City's Deluxe ML and Elysian AK 47 (they have a pumpkin version, too called PK 47) Go Red Sox!

  3. Rogue makes one called Daddy's Little Helper. It tastes like Old E, every craft malt liquor I've had tastes like Old E. Maybe Old E is the malt liquor equivalent of chicken, everything tastes like it.

  4. Micro/Brew Pub brewed Malt Liquor are marketing ploys for the BEER BUTTHEADS. ;-}

    The Doctor goes on a new rant!

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