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Thursday, May 21, 2009


Some of you may have noticed that I've added Google ads. I suspect this is a futile effort to offset my beer expenses, but you never know. With Google ads, I have no control over what gets displayed, so you can be assured that my independence remains intact. Feel free to click through if you cotton to one of the ads--it's like a tip jar that doesn't cost you anything.

That is all.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. I have no issues with them... have them on my own blog... for no reason as traffic is next to nothing lol... but as I use Firefox w/ AdBlock Plus as an extension... I never see them anyway!

  3. Hey Jeff,

    Just an FYI, you probably don't get enough traffic/revenue to pop up on Google's radar, but technically you're not supposed to encourage people to click the ads...

  4. technically you're not supposed to encourage people to click the ads...

    I harbor a revolutionary's heart.

    But actually, you're not supposed to encourage people to click through for the purpose of juicing your bottom line. My encouragement is to click through if you're interested in the product--which, looking at the scrolling links, ain't bad.

  5. I've had very little success with Google Ads on BS Brewing - much better with "Text Link Ads." There's a link on our site that will get you to their referral program (and get me a referral fee!). I can talk more about it with you offline.

  6. I've been using Google Adsense for several years now. And after nearly 4 years of posting ads on a couple different blogs I'm finally approaching my first $100. You have to get to at least $100 before they will pay you. So while it's extra money, unless you have a LOT of traffic then you'll need a while before you get your first payout from them. Once I get to $100 (soon) then I'll probably take Adsense off. Focus on content and traffic building and the ad clicks will follow.

    If you go the route of Text Link Ads then you'll notice your Google Page rank will drop like a rock. I made that mistake and my blog went from a PR 4 to a PR 2.

    Google still "owns" the search world and the majority of your traffic will come from Google. If you want that to continue then you need to stick close to Googles rules.

  7. I don't know, Dave (S)--I'm up to $.71! At this rate, the beach house will be mine in ... 2302.

  8. Not sure what pops up on your screen, but "custom pint glasses" ad is at the top of my list of Google Ads. Ironic since they are advertising 16 oz pub glasses, particularly the cocktail mixer variety, right next to the article about the death of the Honest Pint act. The ads are pretty well targeted, I guess, since I clicked. Will you be renting that place at the beach in 2302 or just occupying yourself? Put me on the rental list if the former.