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Thursday, May 07, 2009

And on to the Senate...

The Honest Pint Bill passed another hurdle, making it out of the Oregon House. Now it's on to the Senate. Strangely, the O is already on the case (read the comments for extra amusement):

"It's a little past 10:30 here, but it's 5 o'clock somewhere," said Rep. Jules Bailey, D-Portland, in opening his pitch on the floor.

The vote was 34-26. Critics argued businesses could do this on their own. They don't want state agencies spending time on this and anyway, isn't the economy tanking out there?

Rep. Nick Kahl, D-Portland, put his own spin on that kind of thinking.

"Our state faces serious problems and we're dealing with this bill," -- wait for it, wait for it -- "because now more than ever, Oregonians deserve a full 16 ounces."

Another milestone, and just two left before it becomes law. Who'da thunk?

Update. KGW also has a story up, quoting from this blog (is there any better evidence that the MSM is in trouble?). I will confess to being totally mystified about why the media thinks this is news. I was even beginning to wonder if my few hundred readers on this site--which is an exclusively beer-interested crowd--still cared. But two major news outlets have stories up already on the assumption that their hudreds of thousands of readers care. Far out.

1 comment:

  1. My fave quote on the KGW thread, from "newsfan":

    "It's nice that the alcoholics can be assured they're getting their money's worth before they go out and mow people down while driving drunk."