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Friday, May 22, 2009

Weekend Best Bets

[Update. You should never try to slap together a post when your mind is elsewhere. Stan Hieronymus points out that Citras are not low-alpha. I conflated them with Teamaker in my mind. Citras are of course the hop used in Sierra Nevada Torpedo IPA. At least I was right about one thing--they have garned a bunch of love. Well anyway, have a good weekend.]
My dear mother is in town this weekend (first time in two years--a terrible oversight!), and so I'm cutting right to the chase. Here are my picks for the most interesting pours happening around town. Perhaps you'll see me at one of these places having a beer with Mom.

  • Bend Brewing's Rocksy Stein Lager, a stone beer, is was pouring at Bailey's. [Whoops; apparently it blew. Now you must trek to Bend.] It's one of the rarest styles going, and I am seriously hankering to try it. Also at Bailey's, the rarely-seen-on-tap Poseidon Imperial Stout by Fish.
  • The Horse Brass has a nice line-up, including Beer Valley's Leafer Madness, Hacker-Schoor Dunkel Weisse, and pouring this weekend Trip II Citra Hop Belgian Ale, a combo-brewed beer from Elysian and New Belgium. Citras are those new, super-low-alpha hops that have garnered quite a bit of love in recent beers.
  • The Green Dragon's patio is now open, so that's not a bad destination. None of their beers screams must-try, but their's is the most diverse list. You can stop by knowing something will tickle your fancy, whether it's a mead, Belgian, or double IPA.
  • Other great places for outdoor seating: Amnesia, EastBurn, Hedge House and Fifth Quadrant, Hopworks, Laurelwood, the various Lucky Labs, and the Mash Tun.

Have a good one--


  1. Eek. The Rocksy was kicked a couple of days ago. It was, however, replaced with the tremendously delicious Cascade Sang Royal.

  2. Thanks, Josh. I updated the post. Still, that Poseidon is reason enough...

  3. Always feel bad when a beer you suggest is no longer on. No more Rocksy, Cascade Sang Royal replaced it. Not that it is great barleywine season, but we just put on a 2007 Butte Creek Train Wreck as well. And a few beers that don't go through the distributor chain; Hop Valley, Standing Stone, Three Creeks, and Walkabout.

  4. I hate to do it but it bugged me.... It's "Hacker-Pschorr Dunkle Weisse". Always on tap at the Rheinlander as well as a great German Sample Platter as well of fine brews :-)

  5. As an FYI, these are always going to be idiosyncratic. I have to work with available info and whatever's rattling around my own brainpan. It's the difficulty of solo blogging.

    So, for example Dosir, you could assume it's been awhile since I've been to Rheinlander. You'd be right.

  6. At 10-12 AA I wouldn't call Citra low alpha let alone super low . . .