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Friday, May 08, 2009

Weekend Best Bets

Since there are only 250 tickets available for FredFest, I therefore conclude that some of you might be tippling elsewhere. Here are my recommendations.

  • Go sit out on the sidewalk at Bailey's and have a Stonefly Rye from Three Creeks. I was down in Sisters just a couple of weeks ago, and this is the beer that most impressed me. Perfect sidewalk-on-a-sunny day beer.
  • Two of Upright's beers are pouring at Belmont Station, and Four is also ideal for sunshine. Five? Go, try it, and tell me. Or wait until after I visit the brewery on Monday. There's also a cask BridgePort Hop Harvest pouring, which might serve to answer the question: how long do fresh hop ales reside tastily within a cask?
  • The Horse Brass is pouring Fort George's Vortex IPA. It's one of the better IPAs brewed in Oregon, which is saying a lot. And it doesn't often make it up and over the Coast Range to our fair city.
  • At Eastburn (and also the Horse Brass) you'll find Double Mountain's Kolsch, a beer over-hopped by German standards, but perfecto by our own.
Of course, you might also find yourself wishing to boldly go to a movie. In this case, I recommend the St. Johns Cinema and Pub, where for ten bucks you get both a ticket and a glass of beer and no assaultive ads. Eschew Regal; go indie.

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