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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Honest Pint in Seattle Weekly

On Thursday, Seattle Weekly had a nice piece that covered both the Honest Pint Project and Oregon's proposed Honest Pint Act.
Enter Oregon House Bill 3122. Introduced in the state legislature in Salem earlier this month, the Honest Pint Act states that, as an added service during a regular visit by the health inspector, Oregon bars and restaurants may request a measuring test of their glassware. If it passes the full-pint test, the establishment is certified as serving an "Honest Pint," good for two years and for the privilege to display a sticker on premises. Jeff Alworth can take much of the credit for getting this bill off the ground. A much-respected beer blogger and long-time chronicler of beer for Willamette Week, his Web site,, first proposed a non-legislative solution that the act in the legislature now closely resembles.
It's a succinct overview of the issue, handled as well as I've seen. It does, however, conclude with a sentence that doesn't thrill me:
As with many ideas born in our plucky little sister to the south (craft spirits, the bartenders' guild), expect something like the Honest Pint Act to hit Washington soon.
"Plucky little sister?" I will accept a number of descriptors: "historic leader," "moral guide," "pioneering visionary," "brewing giant." But plucky little sister--nyet.

Anyway, go have a look at the whole article.

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