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Friday, May 15, 2009

Honest Pint Act - Two Items

This just in from Facebook, where Evan Manvel is trying to get the Honest Pint Act passed:

Here's the scoop from the capitol:

The Honest Pint Bill, HB 3122, is sitting in the Senate Business and Transportation Committee, and may or may not get a hearing. So if you can take 30 seconds and call the chair of that committee and ask for a hearing, that would be very helpful!

Especially if you're a constituent of Senator Rick Metsger. Even if not, it's helpful. Here's Senator Metsger's office phone number: 503-986-1726.

Say that you're an Oregonian in support House Bill 3122, the honest pint bill, and that you'd like it to move forward.

If you want, you can note:
  • It's a voluntary certification program
  • It's a consumer protection measure
  • It's a step forward in highlighting beer, a great Oregon product and part of our national image
  • It doesn't cost the state, as businesses pay for it themselves
But really just say a sentence or two on why the bill matters to you. Be very polite.



p.s. If you want to do something further, it wouldn't hurt to call your own Senator and the other members of the committee as well:

- Sen. Martha Schrader, 503-986-1720
- Sen. Joanne Verger, 503-986-1705
- Sen. Larry George, 503-986-1713
- Sen. Bruce Starr, 503-986-1715
Also, the Freakonomists picked this up on their blog at the NYT:
Oregon’s House recently passed the “Honest Pint Act,” which would allow drinking establishments to display state-issued stickers certifying that their pint glasses actually hold 16 ounces, as opposed to the 13- and 14-ounce glasses that some bars try to pass off as pints. The act is predicted to cost at least $20,000, not including the price of pint “measuring tools.” House Republicans, meanwhile, think full pints should be the least of Oregonians’ concerns.
So there you go.


  1. Hi Jeff,

    On the topic of honest pints, we just replaced every single 16oz shaker pint in the cafe with new over-sized glasses from Sierra Nevada. They hold 20oz, but they have a clearly marked 16oz line on them. This will allow us to give people a full 16oz of liquid while still allowing some space for a nice 2 finger head on top.

    The tap list now states, "Be patient. Let it settle a moment. If it's not 16 ounces we'll top it up. More beer for you. Less waste!"

  2. My only concern is that us Proper Pint enthusiasts, with our own oversized, lined glasses, will be legislated away or marginalized.

  3. Chris - you guys rock.

  4. Chris, my already enthusiastic devotion to Belmont Station will now appear to casual readers as obscene. You guys rock.

    Brewers, there's no chance of that under current legislation. You'll just get a nice kiss from the state and a certification sticker for your door.

  5. Had an Upright 5 in an honest pint yesterday afternoon at Belmont. The new glasses are great.