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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Weights and Measures

Have a look at the following picture and tell me 1) what's wrong with this pour, and 2) what's right with it?

Got it?

This is, in a nutshell, why the Honest Pint Project exists. The wrongness of it is clear by visual inspection, yes? It's the Herve Villechaize of pours (that means "short" to those of you too young to have enjoyed the high art spectacle of Fantasy Island back in the 80s). It is in fact a rather succulent cask XPA enjoyed earlier today at Deschutes (a certain beeronomist is racing to capture the picture in the background to offer a competing, erudite post on the lessons of symmetric information). The rightness? Because this is an honest pint, you know exactly how short the pour is. Because we know what the size of the serving vessel is, we can make adjustments accordingly.

Your options: 1) order a regular tap, 2) stiff the waitress, 3) blog about the injustice later.But because the pint glass is honest, you have the opportunity to adjust your behavior accordingly.


  1. You could also politely ask them to top it off.

  2. Touche. Interestingly, I had a cask Fish Organic IPA at Lucky Lab last weekend and it took the server about 3 minutes to pour (it was extra frothy), but he was very patient and made sure and got it to the brim. I think it is just a matter of patience because the other beer pours were just fine at Deschutes.

  3. Yeah, I'm thinking that someone bringing you a "pint" that looks like that is like someone bringing you a burger lacking the top bun—or a couple of bites already taken out of it. For the sake of youself and everyone that follows you, you've got to tell the waitron or walk the unfilled glass back to the bar and say (an a polite way) "Hey, I think you forgot something...".

    Great blog, keep up the good fight—and keep shining the light of shame on those places that lie to their customers by bait-and-switching people who order a "pint" by giving them only 14oz! Greedy weasels!

  4. I've noticed at HUB they stick the spout to where it is touching the bottom of the glass. 3 pulls and a full beer to the top, no waiting involved.